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2019 ORU Girls' Basketball Team Camp


Wednesday's Final Pool Play

2019 Wednesday Playoffs and Instructions




June 24-26, 2019

Hopefully this page will help parents and fans with communication! However, please be aware that any last minute changes in the schedule will be communicated to the high school coaches. Running a camp of this size, there can be an occasional "tweak", but we will do out best to keep these schedules current and correct. Daily schedules are put out one day at a time - as soon as the next day's schedule is available, it will be posted here. Feel free to check back often.

How to read the schedules:

Please refer to the "At-A-Glance" page first in order to locate your team. Take note that Pools A, B, and C are VARSITY pools; D is a JUNIOR VARSITY pool; and E is a JUNIOR HIGH pool. Once you have located your squads' times for the day, it will be easier to open the Schedule Grid to locate your opponent and location. In every box of the Schedule Grid, there is a letter that refers to the Pool as well. Finally, the gym location key is found at the bottom of the Schedule Grid to help you find your teams. Best of luck to all participants!!!